Bringing home office network reliability to the high seas

One of the key markets for Uplogix is maritime satellite services. We just published a new customer case study for Orange Business Services detailing how they utilize Uplogix in their efforts to deliver business-level reliability and service for networks aboard vessels at sea.

Connected ships are extensions of the home office

Modern satellite broadband communications transform any vessel into a mobile corporate office with the same access to email, supply chain management and procurement systems and applications as land-based locations. 

Orange Business Services has developed a maritime satellite service completely integrated with Business VPN for improved communications between ships and terrestrial sites and added benefits for passengers and crew that were previously cost prohibitive.

Examples of how Orange uses Uplogix
Orange Business Services uses Uplogix as extensions of their own support staff, using the Local Managers as onsite eyes, ears and hands to ensure the network is shipshape. Some of the key features include:

Locally Staged/Pushed files
Software that runs remote hardware used in maritime VSAT is always changing. New configurations and operating systems become available that promise new features and improvements. In the past, upgrading a vital component in the VSAT link was something that was only done in port, where the impact of downtime was minimized. With Uplogix, even if there is a problem with the upgrade, devices like a satellite modem, router or switch can be automatically restored to its last known operating state and the connection to the outside world restored. Changes can be pushed individually or scheduled across the fleet from the Uplogix Control Center.

Continuous Monitoring and Management with Out-of-Band
Access to the data that feeds satellite network management tools is possible even during a VSAT outage using Uplogix and an out-of-band connection. In an out-of-band situation, Uplogix utilizes port forwarding for access via serial or IP and caches commands to avoid latency issues and provide consistent remote access.

Learn more about how Orange uses Uplogix

Download the full case study to see how local management is enabling the promise of home office service levels on ships all over the globe.



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