End-of-life announced for older hardware

Uplogix is announcing the end-of-life of a few older hardware platforms, specifically the Uplogix 3200, Uplogix 430 and Uplogix 400 platforms. In order to continue providing superior products to our customers, we stay on the forefront of technological innovations and market changes. Therefore, effective December 31, 2016, we will no longer offer maintenance renewal contracts for these products. Hardware not under maintenance [...]

Sweet Sixteen of Uplogix Custom Rules

What blog would be complete this time of year without the obligatory basketball-themed, March Madness-inspired, slam dunking post on a subject totally unrelated to hoops? That's right, today we're highlighting the Sweet Sixteen of Uplogix Custom Rules. Uplogix Local Management Software includes the ability to create custom rules and monitors. For details on how these work [...]

Top Uplogix Blog Articles of 2015

As a platform for network automation, Uplogix touches on many areas of networking, leading the Uplogix blog to hit on many topics throughout the year. A quick analysis of which articles had the most hits showed some of the favorites from this year. They tended to break into categories like security, our product, our staff [...]

For super support heroes, capes are optional

If you've never had a reason to use the customer support at Uplogix, great. But if you have, odds are you had a favorable experience. In fact, 99% of those who responded to a post-ticket survey indicated they were happy with the outcome and their interaction with the 24x7 support based right here in Austin, [...]