Sweet Sixteen of Uplogix Custom Rules

Uplogix custom rules applied to march madness

What blog would be complete this time of year without the obligatory basketball-themed, March Madness-inspired, slam dunking post on a subject totally unrelated to hoops? That’s right, today we’re highlighting the Sweet Sixteen of Uplogix Custom Rules.

Uplogix Local Management Software includes the ability to create custom rules and monitors. For details on how these work and how to create your own custom rules, see the Uplogix Guide for Rules and Monitors on the Uplogix Support Site.

A rule is a set of instructions that specify what data to evaluate, how to evaluate it, and how to respond to the result. Rules can be characterized as “if-then” statements. Monitors give Local Managers the ability to gather data on various aspects of network functionality as well as the status of managed devices or the system itself.

Now, on to our Sweet Sixteen List. Like the NCAA tournament, there were numerous other rules worthy of being included, but just didn’t make the cut. Here is the bracket of sixteen links to custom rules descriptions on on the support site that you should really check out:

Alarms & Issues

  • Generate an alarm when an interface comes up
  • SLV http test connection failed rules
  • Cisco ASA Failover State Detection Ruleset
  • Monitor Kernel Panic


  • Power off Outlet on Startup
  • How to use the rules engine’s “execute” action
  • Using the “terminal.command” condition in a rule
  • Ping Triggered Service Switching

Uplogix Rules Engine

Sweet Sixteen


  • Iridium Native Ruleset
  • iDirect Native Ruleset
  • Sea Tel Native Ruleset
  • Available variables in the rules engine for satellite and gps devices

Grab Bag

  • A rule to push a named configuration every day
  • Fleet Broadband AT off Rules
  • Cellular Native Ruleset
  • Riverbed Native Ruleset

Custom Rules – At the buzzer

It’s like the great Michael Jordan said, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen…” Of course, the little known next line was, “… with the Uplogix Rules Engine.” Maybe Uplogix custom rules can give you more time to focus on watching March Madness, or help you keep your network up and running as all of your coworkers stream games at their desks. The real question is, are you ready to make it happen?



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