Still compatible after all these years…

Uplogix recently re-verified the Cisco Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) of our Cisco Unified Computing System Express platform solution. Using the UCS Express as a hosting environment to embed Local Management Software on Cisco ISRs, the router becomes a full featured Uplogix Local Manager.  First released by Uplogix in 2011, a 2900 or 3900 series ISR is configured [...]

New Uplogix software version runs as VM and more

The next rev of the Uplogix Local Management Software, v4.4, is available. It runs as a VM on the Cisco UCS Express platform and includes features for dedicated networks plus new and expanded advanced device drivers. The initial application of the newly virtualized Uplogix software is available on the Cisco UCS Express platform running in [...]

Getting the Big Picture for Cisco ISR Routers

If you enjoy a good eye chart, then Cisco's recent publication of the Enterprise Routing Portfolio for Borderless Networks is for you. The 44"x34" poster is available in PDF format -- or if you are buddies with your local Cisco reseller, in print, to wallpaper your office. We hear Cisco printed up 10,000 copies. Of [...]

Local Management now running on a Cisco ISR near you

Last week at Cisco Live 2011 in Las Vegas, Uplogix announced the availability of our Local Management Software (LMS) running as a VM on the Cisco UCS Express blades. This expands the hardware options available for deploying Uplogix as well as increasing the number of ports managed by one local management device up to 48.Installed [...]