DARPA Grand Challenge targets automated cyber security

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A view of some of the sensing hardware on an autonomously piloted vehicle in the DARPA Grand Challenge. DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) announced the next focus area in their series of Grand Challenges that have included autonomously driven vehicles, humanoid robotics and now automated network defenses. The Cyber Grand Challenge seeks to [...]

Federal shutdown highlights need for network automation amid the trend toward doing more with less in IT

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The Uplogix CTO offers an editorial on the overlooked importance of network automation in federal initiatives for data center consolidation and the cloud. With the current federal shutdown, many federal employees are on furlough, yet essential operations continue. For IT groups, this is an expansion of the current trend of being asked to do more [...]

Experts predict federal IT staff reductions next year

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Belts are going to tighten in Federal IT, making Cloud,data center consolidation and network automationeven more important. A recent article in the Federal Times says that federal IT staff sizes will likely go down next year due to continued pressure from sequestration cuts, ongoing migration of federal IT infrastructure to the cloud, and program consolidation [...]

Local Management serves as an example of M2M automation in a world without standard platforms

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As an automation platform, Uplogix performs basic network monitoring and management actions for just about any device. While the “Internet of things” is gaining steam in popular culture with promises of transforming the world as we know it, one of the key hurdles to widespread adoption is the necessity of standards. Uplogix Local Management is [...]

Local Management required for M2M device networking critical to smart grid

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A recent report by Greentech Media puts the global smart grid market at $400 billion by 2020. The success of this market depends on strong networks connecting aggregation points for M2M devices in the field to data and operation centers. The large number and distributed nature of these networks will require secure automation like Uplogix [...]

Perfect storms of impossible events

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When planning for a perfect storm, automation is a critical component of engineering for resiliency. The recent failure of two network switches in a data center in Utah rippled across the network bringing down four major US web hosting firms and impacting millions of their customers. The breadth of the impact demonstrates some of the [...]

Kick the tires, feel the horsepower

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A frequent question we get at Uplogix is "is your product a console server?" Answer - absolutely, we're the best console server on the market—the most reliable and secure out-of-band access solution. Add in our Local Management Software, when you need access, you'll get it. Whatever you want out of a console server you'll get [...]

New heights for remote networking

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Photo courtesy of Google. Google recently announced plans to provide wide-area Internet service to under-served regions via balloon-based wireless radios, in the cleverly named Project Loon. With two-thirds of the world's population still not connected, Google says the idea is to find a more cost-effective way to offer Internet service utilizing balloons floating above weather [...]

MTBF and MTTR are important, but so is MTTI

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MTBF (mean time between faults) and MTTR (mean time to recovery) are important measurements that usually factor into the creation of SLAs (service level agreements). Another important measurement within IT groups when it comes to their management tools should be MTTI, or the mean time to innocence. When there is a problem, this is the [...]

It’s really about the Internet of (every)thing

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Intel's colorful take on the Internet of Things There are many numbers thrown around with the concept of the Internet of Things: some10 billion devices are connected today, by 2020, that number could grow to over 31 billion devices and 4 billion people. Some estimates are going even higher as the talk transitions from an [...]