Local Management required for M2M device networking critical to smart grid

A recent report by Greentech Media puts the global smart grid market at $400 billion by 2020. The success of this market depends on strong networks connecting aggregation points for M2M devices in the field to data and operation centers. The large number and distributed nature of these networks will require secure automation like Uplogix Local Management to scale in both size and performance while controlling costs.

The global smart grid market today is a combination of M2M innovators in AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) like SilverSpring Networks and Schneider Electric, and networking giants like Cisco. The two-way communication networks between smart meters and operations centers enable utility users to work with their providers in demand response systems. These networks are widely distributed and must maintain high uptime—two requirements that make Uplogix Local Management a clear choice.

“Evolving regulatory requirements and historical IT and infrastructure investments are the biggest drivers shaping global utility demand,” said Ben Kellison, a senior analyst for GTM Research, the publisher of the report. “These factors continue to make transmission optimization and distribution automation the dominant capital expenditures for grid modernization.”

Uplogix automation is already at work in energy distribution, providing network automation for pipelines by increasing uptime and reducing the number of “truck rolls” required to support distributed networking and M2M devices that control and monitor pipelines. With integrated out-of-band capabilities over a variety of channels from traditional phone lines to cellular to low earth orbit satellites, Uplogix can provide technicians secure remote access to any managed gear as if they were onsite.

Automated high-resolution monitoring from a local perspective means that when there are issues with managed devices, recovery actions begin immediately. It’s the machine management needed in vast smart grid deployments of M2M systems.

For more information on Uplogix applications for the smart grid and the energy industry, please visit the Uplogix website.



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