Keeping tabs on your network

A couple of scenarios commonly tested by potential Uplogix customers are built around cyber security features of Local Management. Uplogix enhances enterprise security by extending role based administrative access policies to network devices and by providing detailed auditing and reporting in support of attaining and demonstrating regulatory compliance. Importantly, all of these capabilities are maintained [...]

Permission to come aboard?

Most experts agree that human error or ignorance is responsible for more security breaches than technology flaws. The challenge is to use technology to try to overcome these human weaknesses. An article in CSO magazine promotes the use of Least Privilege Management (LPM) as one method to cut down on security issues. The methodology works like [...]

Getting to the truth on Service Level Agreements

Which side of SLAs do you sit on? Are you gunning to meet required service levels for your customers, or are you watching your provider like a hawk to make sure you get what you pay for? Either way, service level agreements are only as good as: What they measure - are these really the [...]

Protecting your network from insider threats

A recent government report analyzed 80 cases of computer-based fraud within the banking and finance sector. The findings include six common patterns and activities of the perpetrators as well as recommendations for organizations to protect themselves. The report was sponsored by (we're not making this up) the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate's [...]

Strengthen your AAA with local management

While your AAA servers might not be local,Uplogix will ensure their security is still in place. Your network infrastructure is only as good as its security. When it comes to controlling administrative access, organizations often want to limit and separate access and privileges among various IT groups. For example, the server people don't need the [...]

Ensure good configuration health before it’s too late

Don't let this be your configuration! Hackers broke into a server for the State of Utah Health Department recently in what has been described as a "configuration error" or an "installed password that wasn't as secure as needed." The breach resulted in over 182,000 Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program members having their personal information [...]

Cyber arms race taking place now

43% of respondents identified damage or disruption to critical infrastructure as the greatest single threat posed by cyber-attacks, causing wide economic impact. A report recently released by McAfee indicated that more than half of cyber security experts believe that a global arms race is already on with damage or disruption to critical infrastructure as the [...]

Wrapping up National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Uplogix Local Management can help you celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month While possibly not as visible as Halloween festivities or the pink-trimmed uniforms of professional athletes promoting breast cancer awareness, October is also National Cyber Security Awareness Month. There aren't many days left to celebrate, but cyber security is clearly a daily obligation for [...]