Cyber arms race taking place now

43% of respondents identified damage or disruption to
critical infrastructure as the greatest single threat posed
by cyber-attacks, causing wide economic impact.

A report recently released by McAfee indicated that more than half of cyber security experts believe that a global arms race is already on with damage or disruption to critical infrastructure as the greatest single threat from cyber-attack.

The report was created for McAfee by the Security & Defence Agenda as “an independent think-tank to produce the most extensive report on Cyber Defense.” The SDA had in-depth
interviews with some 80 world-leading policy-makers and cyber-security experts in government, business and academia in 27 countries and anonymously surveyed 250 world leaders in 35 countries.

Cyber-readiness in the United States, Australia, the UK, China and Germany all ranked behind small countries like Israel, Sweden and Finland. By the numbers, here are some of the report’s findings:

  • 57% of global experts believe that an arms race is taking place in cyber space.
  • 36% believe cyber-security is more important than missile defense.
  • 43% identified damage or disruption to critical infrastructure as the greatest single threat posed by cyber-attacks with wide economic consequences (up from 37% in McAfee’s 2010 Critical Infrastructure Report).
  • 45% of respondents believe that cyber-security is as important as border security.
  • The report was intended to reflect the varying views on what cyber-security means and reflect consensus on how to move towards it. 

Those surveyed agreed that developments like smart phones and cloud computing introduce a whole new set of problems linked to inter-connectivity and sovereignty that require new regulations and new thinking.

What Uplogix does to Improve Security
The Uplogix Local Management platform is a component for protecting critical infrastructure around the world from pipelines to banks to the front lines.

Uplogix improves security by extending role-based systems management policies to network devices. By applying rules-based policies, Uplogix ensures sessions are properly closed, eliminating the likelihood of inappropriate access. For audit and compliance reporting, Uplogix logs all user interactions and device responses.

If/when the network is down, Uplogix maintains administrative security policies and audit. This eliminates the need for unaudited access to managed devices using “break glass” passwords with sweeping privileges.

Read more about what Uplogix does for security.



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