Federal agencies rely on out-of-band during Covid response

Federal IT groups have been pushed in 2020 to continue delivering secure essential services while simultaneously pivoting to remote workforce operations. The COVID-19 situation has highlighted the need for solutions like out-of-band access and management automation to support network admins that empowering remote workers. Here are some of the features that have driven both civilian and military agencies to adopt Uplogix for their out-of-band management, both today and over that last decade.

With large numbers of the workforce working remotely, including network administrators, flexible and secure remote access is critical. Uplogix maintains and enforces AAA with granular authorization and logging (for sessions, changes and events) regardless of the state of the network. Since Uplogix is built on a closed Linux distribution, and with available FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certifications, you can check your security boxes.

With Uplogix you can deploy the out-of-band link that makes the most sense for each site. Modular modems are available for LTE cellular (both high bandwidth Cat-4 and deep signal penetration with Cat -M1 modems), v.92 POTS lines, fiber and even Iridium LEO satellite links for out-of-band connections anywhere on the planet.

For Uplogix, going beyond out-of-band is like having a crash cart in every rack. One of the key differences between Uplogix and traditional console servers is that Uplogix proactively and persistently monitors the network infrastructure through a direct connection – other out-of-band solutions wait for the network to go down to be useful. For example, Uplogix:

  • Locally & automatically stores configs/OS backups.
  • Automatically connects to and administers self-tests out-of-band links so when you need it, you can count on it being there.
  • Is state aware. The direct connections to managed devices over the console port means Uplogix knows each device state even when the network is down or degraded.

The core of the patented Uplogix automation is that Uplogix appliances work like an admin whether the network is up or down by:

  • Logging -in and -out to managed devices with a functional user ID using standard access controls.
  • Automating actions that match your runbook and are data-driven. Just like you wouldn’t take an action without gathering some data first, Uplogix can collect multiple data samples from managed devices and service level network tests to use with rules to ensure the right actions are being taken.
  • Being easy to use. Admins benefit from Uplogix doing complicated actions in the background to simplify multiple steps into a single click instead of custom scripts that require loading and management across multiple devices.

Not only is out-of-band access made easier, the Uplogix Control Center makes complex network management easier with features like zero-touch deployment to make getting started with Uplogix at multiple remote sites scalable. Also, the Control Center lets you manage your deployment from a dashboard view to drill into sites and devices, and build groups of like equipment and users.

Finally, Uplogix is created, coded and constructed in Austin, Texas. Our customers enjoy US-based technical support that exceeds their expectations. Often our product’s in-depth monitoring reveals issues that Uplogix Support helps customers solve even when the problem isn’t with Uplogix, but some other part of the network. It’s available 24x7x365 by phone and email at 888.663.6869 or 512.857.7070, and support@uplogix.com.

With our headquarters in Austin including all engineering and development, and our hardware built at an Austin contract manufacturer, Uplogix is a key solution provider for our federal customers.

Let’s talk about your network and what out-of-band management might be able to do to make the worst of times a little less disastrous. For many, it’s a good time of year for a quick 15-minute discussion — just long enough to talk about your network and what we should cover in a scheduled online demo.



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