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In times like these, networks, remote tools and network managers are being put to the test while many are suddenly working remotely. Networks and communications are the keys to maintaining business continuity with a home-bound workforce and mandatory travel restrictions.

Uplogix out-of-band management has the secure access, reliable automation and troubleshooting tools you need to manage remote network infrastructure as if you were onsite with your laptop. In normal times it’s a source of operational efficiencies, in times of concern and potential risk, it can be an important contributor to business continuity. Here are some examples of how Uplogix goes beyond traditional out-of-band:


Uplogix delivers the widest array of on-demand WAN alternative network connection options including dial-up, cellular, fiber or satellite modems providing a reliable management connection to remote gear. There is also a secondary Ethernet connection that can be used for an out-of-band connection such as a DSL modem. This connection can also route primary traffic using the WAN Traffic Failover feature and a high-bandwidth OOB connection like an LTE modem.

Access alone isn’t useful if it isn’t secure. Uplogix maintains and enforces AAA (Access, Authentication and Accounting) even when the network is down through integration with your TACACS or Radius systems. Easily create secure connections to remote devices through the Uplogix Control Center where complicated networking links like port forwarding can be set up with just one click.


As more workers are connecting from home, security is a prime concern. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued an alert last week warning of increased opportunities for malicious behavior with the surge in working from home. It urged IT to stay on top of updating and patching networks as well as implementing multi-factor authentication when possible.

With a history of deploying in DoD and financial industry networks, as well as those in healthcare, Uplogix is FIPS140-2 Level 2 certified for locked-down tamper resistance and encryption. We provide detailed audit and compliance reporting, so you can show who did what, and when.


From our beginning over 15 years ago, Uplogix has gone beyond traditional expectations for out-of-band by pioneering true out-of-band management. Our appliances log-in and log-outwith functional user IDs, plus take automated actions just like a network admin. Here’s how it works: As the only state-aware console server, Uplogix combines direct queries of devices and logs the data for trend analysis. Plus, Service Level Verification (SLV) tests from remote locations’ perspective provide data for informed decision making. Uplogix solves problems just like you would. In fact, we follow your run book and can automate the basic issues that account for many troubleshooting requests.

The Uplogix Control Center (UCC) provides a centralized point of control for all Uplogix appliances and managed infrastructure devices deployed throughout your distributed IT environment. With its web-based GUI, the UCC puts IT administrators (in the NOC or at home) in control of real-time data to easily manage, configure, and control all network devices and servers connected to Uplogix.

The pandemic response and beyond

In these uncertain and rapidly evolving times, one of the things we can count on is networks and those that keep them up and running will continue to be increasingly busy and critical to business operations. Uplogix is there with proven solutions for today and the unknowns of tomorrow.

See what Uplogix can do for your network management today with an online demo.



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