US Navy to release digital blueprint

US Navy blueprint for technology innovation

The US Navy has been in the news for more than this year’s lopsided Army-Navy game victory for the midshipmen. A digital blueprint expected to be released this month will act as a “North Star” for connecting and integrating systems in the military branch.

Like other federal IT blueprints, the Navy plan will present standards to be used as guidelines for keeping alignment within the force. Officials say the blueprint can’t be overly specific due to the uncertainties on the future of the digital world.

“The digital blueprint should lay out where we are at, where we are going and where we need to go,” said William Bray, deputy assistant Navy secretary for research, development, test and evaluation. “I liken it to city planning. You have different sectors. You have an industrial base, you have the urban environment, you’ve got recreational areas, you’ve got a big football stadium. They all need plumbing and electricity. They all want to have it sent the same way, but the demand signal may be very, very different.”

Speaking at an American Society of Naval Engineers event in Arlington, Virginia, Bray went on to emphasize the need for flexibility as well as providing direction to internal program managers and industry. The blueprint is targeted at the US Navy’s efforts to transform the way it uses data for things like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Such a plan is becoming the norm in the military world. In August, the Air Force unveiled a digital plan that encourages greater out-of-the-box thinking, faster networks, better weapons systems and ways to make the service a more attractive employer for IT jobs. The improved connections between systems have a goal of getting data where it is needed most.

“We are ultimately trying to get to a point where any sensor will provide information to any shooter,” said Air Force Under Secretary Matt Donovan.

At Uplogix we’re helping the branches of the United States military achieve their networking goals through the most advanced out-of-band management possible. Recent deals have expanded the use of Uplogix in global deployments based on the ease of use, security and reliability of the platform. We look forward to being part of the US Navy’s plans for IT innovation today and in the future.




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