CISOs poised to continue rise in importance

CISOs are growing more critical.

CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) at most companies this budgeting season are likely not sweating cuts but are more likely to be concerned with scaling: hiring enough trained cybersecurity staff and deploying the latest defenses and programs.

Being prepared to fight off hackers and cyberattacks is a priority for CISOs looking forward to 2020. Hacking is getting more complex with the top three forms spanning malware, spyware and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The attack surfaces are also expanding, with CISOs training a wary eye on their company’s services on multiple clouds, mobile connectivity and proliferating IoT devices. It’s a perfect storm for attack—on one hand, resources are more distributed, but on the other, each provides another doorway to be guarded and monitored.

Looking for answers, CISOs are looking to build and train their teams. In a Fortinet survey, 40% of CISOs said they have an increased need for professional learning and development for their employees. Awareness is important, but companies also need to be developing and deploying the tactics for prevention and quick response.

The speed that technology is spreading and growing increasingly sophisticated is matched by the threat landscape. With this accelerating pace, successful CISOs are going to be those that are proactive. In the Fortinet survey, 19% of CISOs reported zero intrusions last year. These “top tier” CISOs were also more likely to indicate they have been increasing budgets on a yearly basis, deploy end-to-end integrated security systems and address risks proactively.

CISOs are looking at Uplogix—the out-of-band platform has automated tools for cyber resiliency that help scale cybersecurity staff and defenses. Immediate threats can be halted by locking down the network or limiting functionality to specific areas. Distributed security issues can be remediated and disruption and continuity of business restored from the Uplogix Control Center in your NOC. With Uplogix, security teams can act quickly and securely with the confidence of out-of-band access to their network infrastructure.




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