Selfies, streaming and staying in touch are the norm on today’s cruise ships

Cruise ships offer connectivity their guests are used to on land.

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The last time we had a post on Uplogix deployments for satellite networks on cruise lines was 2013. Since that time cruise ships and their satellite providers have gone from mobile hotspots to full-blown corporate headquarters in terms on their data use.

Not only have ships vastly increased their network infrastructure and bandwidth to support their passenger’s desire to remain connected while vacationing, they’ve turned connectivity into a new profit center. With these increases in expectations and business value comes and increase in the need for reliability and uptime.

Providers like Uplogix customer EMC provides hybrid networks the incorporate both satellite and terrestrial networking to provide cruise ships with communications that deliver revenue, performance, innovation and flexibility.

And the future is already here with high-throughput satellites (HTS). In a 2018 test, a data rate of over 2.2 Gbps was achieved with the Carnival ship, Regal Princess over a SES O3b medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellite. This test far exceeded current requirements for daily operations that are in the 20-50 Mbps range. Of course, we all know that when it comes to bandwidth, it’s available, users will adjust their usage and expectations up to whatever they can get.

Uplogix brings a variety of specialized features to the satellite market. Uplogix is local and connected directly to the network and communications devices common with satellite-enabled locations.

Operators can deploy remote network infrastructure anywhere on Earth, with confidence. Uplogix gives satellite operators:

  • Secure and persistent out-of-band access to remote devices | When the network is up and running, admins access devices through Uplogix over the network. If that connection is broken or not yet established, an out-of-band connection is established providing a two-way, secure management link independent of the primary network.
  • Automated device control and recovery | Uplogix monitors devices 24×7 over the console port and takes recovery steps when issues are detected.

For more information, visit Uplogix Solutions for Satellite Communications Networks.




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