Veterans Affairs expands website, out-of-band capabilities

Department of Veterans Affairs

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The US Department of Veterans Affairs announced a new homepage in time for Veterans Day as the second largest federal agency continues pushing modernization of resources and IT networks to better serve veterans.

As the second largest federal agency after the Department of Defense, the VA administers benefits for over 18 million veterans including 1,000+ outpatient sites and nearly 200 medical centers. 300,000 employees work in every state delivering health, education and disability benefits.

The new site homepage is geared around steering veterans into these three benefit areas as well as records. In the past, the large number of needs served by the website was fractured, with many complaining that the site was more focused on the agency itself than addressing needs of veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been an Uplogix customer for years, deploying our out-of-band platform at facilities across the country. Regionally-based teams can manage a large network infrastructure and reduce the number of IT staff needed at each location. Uplogix devices deployed in hospitals and clinics enable the team to have access to equipment at sites without being based in each of the locations. Built-in safety net features, such as SurgicalRollback, ensure that onsite visits will be kept to a minimum.

Device and console logging provided by Uplogix collects valuable audit information to satisfy security and audit requirements.

Uplogix is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified. FIPS requirements include both hardware and software components and a validation program to ensure that federal agencies and departments are using secure systems and networks.

Recent expansions of the VA deployment of Uplogix brings our out-of-band management functionality to even more locations. As the country honors veterans this weekend (and beyond!), Uplogix will be out there in network closets and data centers helping serve those who are helping those who served.





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