Big Data driving healthcare and pharma

big data for healthcare and pharma

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Big Data is more than the data itself, and the use cases for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries include a wide set of technologies that capture, store, manage and analyze large, complex sets of data subject to stringent HIPAA regulations.

The expanding list of applications includes:

  • Drug discovery
  • Precision medicine
  • Clinical decision support
  • Population health management

Research firm SNS Telecom and IT estimates that Big Data investments by healthcare and pharma will reach nearly $4.7 Billion this year. Driving this is a combination of real-time and historical data from connected devices, web, social media, sensors, log files and transactional applications.

Of course, all of this big data is traveling over a network of one form or another. Uplogix provides healthcare IT organizations with a solution that simplifies the management of a widely distributed and complex IT infrastructure, reduces IT support costs, maintains high network availability and service levels, and constantly enforces security and compliance auditing requirements.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires any organization with access to personal health information (PHI) to follow its rules or face fines for data breaches. With much of its early customer base in the financial world, Uplogix developed its security posture to aid in compliance related to financial information. Whether it’s enforcing AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) regardless of the state of the network, or logging all changes made to devices and their results, Uplogix improves overall security and makes it easier to document compliance.

Here are some benefits Uplogix brings to healthcare network operations:

  • Reduces operational costs | Lowers network support costs by automatically diagnosing and fixing common network device problems within minutes and without IT personnel involvement
  • Enforces Security and Enables Compliance  | Provides full and complete logging, robust session management, role-based user access controls and authentication — even during network outages
  • Increases System Availability  | Automates hundreds of routine system maintenance, fault diagnosis and recovery operations, while monitoring and managing the performance of critical IT systems and applications from the user’s perspective





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