Uplogix v5.5 software update available

Uplogix v5.5 update

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Earlier this month, Uplogix released software update v5.5 for the Uplogix Local Manager (LM) and Uplogix Control Center (UCC) with new features and improvements.

IKEv2 VPN support is now available on both the LM and UCC. IKEv2 addresses a number of shortcomings in IKEv1. The Local Manager utilizes certificates to authenticate to VPN servers like Cisco ASA, IOS, and pfSense/strongSwan.

IKEv2 can be configured from the Control Center. Previously, server and CA certificates could only be managed in FIPS mode. Now, they can be managed at the inventory group and Local Manager level regardless of FIPS mode to configure IKEv2 certificates for VPN servers.

The operating system of the Local Manager has been rebuilt to use the latest embedded distribution technology. The LMOS binary images are now 56MB, half the size of the previous release.

For virtual LM deployments, open-vm-tools is included. This set of services and modules enable features in VMware products for better management and user experience.

Uplogix release v5.5 is for the Uplogix 500, Uplogix 5000 and virtual Local Manager platforms. Previous end-of-life models including the Uplogix 400, 430 and 3200 aren’t supported on v5.5.

An option to collect statistics for anonymous submission to the Uplogix Development Team is now available with the v5.5 release. This information will be used in aggregate to improve future software releases and can be configured after upgrading to v5.5.

For more detailed information including a complete list of new features and improvements, please see the Release Notes in the Uplogix Support Knowledge Base, or contact Uplogix Support.




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