Going beyond runbook automation

Runbook automation or RBA, is a term that we’ve been misusing at Uplogix when we talk about the functionality of our out-of-band platform. In the common usage, RBA is the ability to define and support workflows for network processes—all kinds of useful tools to make the burden of routine tasks more easily repeatable and accurate. Good stuff, but still hands-on. Uplogix goes beyond this by performing runbook remediation. Think hands-off.

The difference is while RBA makes it easier for a network admin to do routine parts of their job, remediation means actually correcting an issue. Performing the runbook steps automatically so network admins can focus on more than routine management tasks.

But isn’t automation is a little scary?

There is no shortage of movies showing the perils of trusting computers and automation too much. And while it might make good sense to be leery of intelligent systems with names like WOPR or Skynet or HAL, Uplogix approaches the challenges of network management from a different angle. But first, think about why admins are typically concerned about automation.

Traditional network management tools rely on the network to manage the network. This leads to situations where at the moment the management tools are needed the most—during an outage—they are completely ineffective. As a result, network administrators are not interested in enabling automation that could leave them disconnnected. This leads to many routine tasks being done “by hand” which not only consumes a large amount of time and effort, but also increases the number of opportunities for human error.

Uplogix is an automated network management platform designed to monitor devices and execute initial recovery actions typically performed by network technicians. Uplogix utilizes console port and dedicated Ethernet connections to reduce dependence on the network itself to retrieve state and performance information, as well as reliably execute predefined automated tasks — that’s runbook remediation. Not helping you fix a problem, fixing it for you.

Serving as a virtual network admin, Uplogix goes far beyond traditional console servers that sit idle, waiting to be useful should there be a crisis. Uplogix gives administrators “longer arms and better tools” to go along with reliable network management automation every day.

As demands on networks continue to increase, runbook remediation is no longer a pipe dream or a nice to have. Uplogix is an important tool in the battle to manage your network. Just look out for AI with the soothing voices and make sure if you have to open the pod bay doors you can just do it yourself.

Identify, isolate and solve network problems before you even know there’s a problem. With Uplogix handling the first few pages of your run book, you can focus on the tough challenges.

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