Florida data center supports the public good

NWRDC provides data center services for public and non-profit organizations in Florida.

NWRDC promises leading-edge technology solutions at affordable pricing for government and educational stakeholders. This allows NWRDC customers to focus on their organization’s mission and reduce or eliminate IT capital expenses and infrastructure costs. The shared solutions offered benefit from Uplogix by reducing operational costs while improving service levels. Some of the reasons NWRDC chose Uplogix for their out-of-band management include:

  • Config management | Enable reliable enterprise-wide execution of configuration changes with a few clicks via the Uplogix Control Center’s simple, web-based interface.
  • Firmware upgrades| Common change management tasks, such as distributing patches or password resets, can be scheduled and consistently executed across the entire infrastructure satisfying compliance audits.
  • Disaster recovery | Uplogix Local Managers deliver the widest array of on-demand WAN alternative network connection options including dial-up, cellular, and fiber providing reliable management connections to remote gear.

Robust, Reliable, and Secure

Primary & higher education, state & local government all use NWRDC

Northwest Regional Data Center was designed and engineered to be a state-of-the-art data center that guarantees customers’ security, accessibility and connectivity. More than 35 non-profit customers participate in the self-governed computing cooperative model to reduce costs and overhead and consolidating technology solutions for all. The diverse staff of NWRDC provides shared service offerings as well as custom engineered solutions to meet unique customer needs.

In their own words: NWRDC
Founded in 1972 and based in Tallahassee, Florida, Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) is the State’s leading computing provider in both educational and governmental communities. With a robust, reliable and secure facility, NWRDC offers superior infrastructure for system support and application hosting, as well as 24 x 7 management support to respond to disasters, ensure uptime, and provide business continuity. NWRDC is a modern state-of-the-art data center and its reputation has long been synonymous with quality service and affordable costs. NWRDC is a public organization and an auxiliary of Florida State University.

I wanted a way to simplify administration and standardize configurations in our environment.
Matt Stolk, NWRDC CTO

Exceeding Customer Expectations

An automated configuration safety net

The research firm EMA estimates that 60% of network downtime is caused by human error during device configuration. With so many devices and changes, organizations like NWRDC are looking to standardize and automate operations to avoid manual, error-prone one-at-a-time processes.

Uplogix can automate common configuration management tasks, reducing downtime by eliminating common errors introduced by the manual execution of tasks like OS upgrades, password updates, and all-important device configuration changes. By making groups of like-devices and scheduling batch upgrades rather than updating one box at a time, NWRDC operates more efficiently and effectively.

NWRDC avoids unplanned downtime with Uplogix SurgicalRollback™. This feature combines fine-grained configuration differencing with a unique “production confirmation” based approach to changes. Any change made is followed by a prompt for confirmation by the technician initiating the change. If no confirmation is received (e.g. if the change brought down the network and the technician’s access with it), the change is precisely rolled back.

Always in contact, less “windshield time”

Remote disaster recovery operations are always accessible with Uplogix. Delivering the widest array of on-demand WAN alternative network connection options including dial-up, cellular, fiber or even satellite modems gives NWRDC options when it comes to providing a reliable management connection to remote gear, whether it’s at the NWRDC facility in Tallahassee or their disaster recovery site 250 miles away in Atlanta.



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