What does 2018 hold for Federal IT?

Preditions for federal IT in the new year

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The new year always brings predictions. In the federal IT space, it’s no different. Predictions almost by a rule include both cool new tech (widespread adoption of biometric authentication methods) and less nerdy, but frightening prognostications like nearly one-third of the current federal workforce being retirement-eligible.

The largest employer

We’ll get back to tech preditions in a minute, let’s talk about the workforce, estimated at nearly 22 million. While one-third are retirement eligible, only 28 percent of the workforce is under 40 years old. And the fed’s workforce gap is only expected to get larger this year. Many feel the answer on many fronts is to increase the use of government contractors, estimated at 7.5 million.

Contractors, especially in federal IT, provide a way to get much needed specialized skills in the rapidly evolving tech functions. In addition, contractors provide flexibility to speed the onboarding process as well as ramping down when a project is over.

At Uplogix we see this every day. We work with both contractors as well as full-time government employees.

It’s not about mail robots

As in other IT spaces, federal IT is looking to capitalize on automation in 2018. It’s all about working smarter, taking routine and lower value tasks off the list to free up time for a changing workforce and more innovation.

From agencies moving beyond balancing their books in homegrown Excel spreadsheets to the adoption by federal IT of solutions like Uplogix, automation in government is an emerging requirement. Of course, with new solutions and more technology security is critical.

Uplogix in federal IT

Uplogix brings both automation and security to federal IT. With customers like the Social Security Administration and the US Army, we’re helping offload network management tasks with the confidence of a secure platform with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certifications.




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