Bringing out-of-band into the data center

Data centers today come in all shapes and sizes, but deploying data center out-of-band solutions has some universal benefits whether your DC is just downstairs or buried underground — lights-out or just locked up.

A factoid that floats around from time to time is that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years. And it’s not just locked away and forgotten, the rise of big data tools is making much of this data more valuable (although maybe not the cat pictures) and accessible. As more data centers come online and expand, creative solutions are needed.

In data centers Uplogix continuously monitors network devices and servers to proactively identify, diagnose and resolve potential problems and security threats autonomously—ensuring the highest level of data center availability and security. For more information, check out the Uplogix Solution Brief for Data Centers.

For other innovations beyond data center out-of-band, check out this infographic for some other creative solutions:

Thanks to WhoIsHostingThis for use of their infographic.




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