Maintaining audit and compliance reporting

Uplogix has network-independent tools for audit and compliance reporting

I read an article recently that was titled, “You broke the network. Do you confess?” And it made me think about the audit and compliance reporting of the Uplogix platform, because it kind of takes the fun out of the question.

The author of the original post on Reddit’s /r/networking asked:

“Have you ever accidentally broken something then fixed it immediately to find your colleagues praising your skills even though it your lack of skills? How do you react?”

Most (but not all) of the posts indicated that admins wouldn’t necessarily admit causing a problem with their users, but would tell their coworkers. From their users, they’d accept their praise as a magician for solving the problem. Others credited breaking the network as the source for where they learned so much about fixing the network.

For those that contributed with comments like – admit nothing! Delete everything logs, emails, jobs… You’d better hope you don’t have Uplogix.

Uplogix extends role-based administrative access policies to devices with detailed auditing and reporting for compliance. And that’s when the network is up — or down. Uplogix is watching, always watching.

Here are some more details on our cybersecurity and compliance reporting features:

  • Maintain and enforce AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting of the state of the network. Under normal circumstances, Uplogix Local Managers (LMs) integrate with remote multi-factor authentication mechanisms, such as TACACS and Radius, but if connectivity is lost, the LM can failover to other AAA servers before falling back on cached authentication data to maintain authorized access.
  • Prevent unauthorized user access by automatically closing idle sessions, eliminating a potential security gap. Uplogix also ensures that the right users have the right access by enforcing granular, role-based permissions.
  • Enable audit and compliance reporting by constantly logging all changes made to managed devices and the results of these changes.
  • Eliminate modem security issues with call-home connectivity. Uplogix appliances always “dial-out,” never allowing in-bound dial-up requests, to restore connectivity when the primary network connection goes down, closing common security holes.
  • Improve overall security by restricting access to specific IP addresses and encrypting passwords stored in the database, and by automating management functions related to security enforcement, like updating the access passwords on hundreds of managed devices at once.




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