Vessel downtime is like network downtime

Uplogix reduces downtime in maritime satellite networks.

Uplogix does a lot of business with satellite service providers for the maritime market, especially those in oil & gas where downtime is an especially dirty word. These vessels are often highly specialized and expensive to operate, so like with their data networks, downtime is a serious concern.

GE’s Marine Solutions group announced that they can reduce downtime by 20 percent through use of onboard monitoring systems.  With the typical drillship experiencing $12M annually, this means real money.

“Shipping is in the grip of a revolution as the industry is introducing new technology,” said Tim Schweikert, GE Marine Solutions president. “There are huge applications in the industry for technical advances in software analytics and big data. Sensors are more prolific, especially in offshore where operators use this data to enhance operations.”

Reducing downtime in maritime satellite networks

The basic idea isn’t that far from how Uplogix lowers downtime through extensive monitoring of network infrastructure from a local perspective. By increasing the frequency and depth of device monitoring and removing the barrier of taxing the network by doing the work locally, Uplogix is able to more efficiently and effectively manage the network.

When there is an issue, Uplogix is positioned to notify the NOC with specifics on the issue and can take automated recovery steps to solve the issue. If a main broadband satellite link goes down due to misconfiguration or other unforeseen circumstances, the LM at the disconnected remote location automatically dials out to a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite via an integrated external modem to re-establish an alternate, out-of-band network connection to ensure constant management connectivity and availability.

Uplogix Local Managers (LMs) utilize the reliability of the Iridium system of low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites to provide out-of-band (OOB) connectivity to remote networks. With Iridium’s coverage of the entire Earth, including oceans and the poles, Uplogix can deploy anywhere, providing constant connectivity and the power of the most trusted IT admin everywhere, all the time.

To ensure the best Iridium signal for OOB, Uplogix developed the Uplogix LEO-I kit. The LEO kit makes it possible to place an Iridium antenna and modem at an optimal location for a clean, strong signal – up to 500 feet from the networking gear and Uplogix LM that it is supporting.

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