End of Hardware Support Notice

Uplogix is announcing an End of Hardware Support for all Uplogix Control Centers running on Dell PowerEdge 2850 and 2950 servers due to the age of these servers and the availability of replacement parts. The End of Hardware Support is set for October 1, 2016.

Customers currently running the Control Center on one of these platforms currently under maintenance can take advantage of the following options to migrate off their current platform:

  • Option 1 – Migrate to a Virtual Uplogix Control Center solution. Uplogix will supply a VM image for an ESXI environment (running 4.1 or later) and assist in replicating data for a seamless transition free of charge.
  • Option 2 – Upgrade to the newest hardware Control Center. For an extremely reduced price customers can purchase our latest hardware Control Center platform. Uplogix engineers will then assist in migrating data for no additional charge.

For more information and to discuss either of these options in detail, contact Uplogix through the form on the Upgrade Page or call 877-857-7077.

Uplogix will remain committed to supporting future releases of our Control Center software on the Dell PowerEdge 2850 and 2950, but reserves the right to end that support at any time. Additionally, Uplogix will no longer be able to support Hardware failures on these platforms after October 1, 2016.



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