Use the force (of automation)

As you celebrate May The 4th today (the annual Star Wars holiday), consider the power of the Automation Force for networking. With reliable automation solving network issues like a battle-tested mech droid, you won’t feel like a moisture farmer on Tatooine

at the end of the day. And it’s a new hope for countering the Dark Side’s security attacks, because if you search your feelings, you know people are the key vulnerability in any network.

Uplogix Local Management is strong with the Network Automation. It comes from our patented approach to managing devices locally over the console port. We’re not dependent on the network itself for monitoring devices or pushing changes that could bring down the network.

Here’s an example. Imagine the hyperdrive on your Millennium Falcon has been disabled by Imperial Forces. While your R2 unit might get this information from the Cloud City network, it’s not going to solve the issue. To really take actions and fix things, say a hyperdrive motivator, you need to be local.

And to just beat this analogy to death (since it’s May the 4th and all), physical security is always important. Uplogix secures the console port on devices. We’ll alert you should someone unplug that connection. Or maybe some half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder unplugs a phone line that serves as the out-of-band link for a Local Manager to test something else. It doesn’t take the Force to know this kind of thing happens. Uplogix will alert you that the OOB connection isn’t working, so you won’t find out when it’s too late.

So next time you are managing a remote network, don’t find yourself saying, “I have a bad feeling about this.” Instead, put on your disco version of the Star Wars theme and party like an Ewok on Endor knowing the Uplogix Force is with you.



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