Meet Uplogix: Wolfgang Puck’s Oscar Winner

While most Uplogix customers know Martta Howard, Uplogix Director of Sales Engineering and Professional Services, for guiding large installations and upgrades to success, or from working with potential customers in the sales process, her culinary skills

are less known outside of the Uplogix headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Whether it’s Cookie Week in December (Four days of new cookie recipes, with the winning cookie from last year returning on Friday for the highly contested office vote) or a celebration of International Waffle Day, Martta keeps coworkers anticipating the next treat and busting diets.

Recently Martta’s annual Oscar party was recognized by Chef Wolfgang Puck for excellence in culinary creation and presentation.

Here is his congratulations video to Martta:

And some photos of the winning hors d’oeuvres. 



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