MSPs add cloud to the menu

Many managed service providers (MSPs) are looking to expand their network services into managed cloud services and some are finding that it’s not always an easy transition. In addition the traditional management of on-premises equipment and

onsite applications, cloud adds new requirements to monitor cloud service availability, quality of service and security. It’s a different skill set.

Cisco says that by 2018, 78% of all workloads will be in in the cloud, so it makes sense for MSPs to try to guide their customers into the cloud with easy to implement managed solutions. Plus, the MSP is in a position to really manage the whole system, end-to-end, from the cloud right to the customer’s LAN.

This is important because cloud success really depends on the whole system working as expected. If a customer moves a mission-critical app to a SaaS running in the latest and greatest cloud, only to get hung up by a WAN that’s not up to spec is likely to blame the cloud and the MSP.

As MSPs expand their focus to the cloud, they need to build on network solutions that are going to give them the reliable end-to-end management they’ll need to deliver. Uplogix can help provide the network needed for cloud success.

From reducing the number of truck rolls for break/fix with secure remote out-of-band access or reliable automation that takes care of many routine troubleshooting and recovery actions on its own, Uplogix helps MSPs focus on delivering outstanding service while protecting their margins.

Service Level Verification capabilities measure the network quality of service (QoS) from the standpoint of a user on the network. MSPs can also implement value-add services built around the granular authorization model of Uplogix. Multi-tenant access allows for secure separation of users and customers.

Find out more about the value of Uplogix for MSPs in both traditional services and the expanding world of cloud.



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