An awareness month you should celebrate all year

In the month dedicated to more awareness topics than any other, you won’t want to miss out on National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). While you won’t likely see sporting events with athletes sporting uniform accessories with neon green
of NCSAM’s logo (well, maybe the Seahawks…), you might be surprised to know that this year marks a full decade of its celebration.

A major push for the month is the STOP, THINK, CONNECT campaign which promotes general online safety aimed, in part, at reducing the one thing that triggered almost 95% of all security breaches: clicking a bad link. Calling for internet users everywhere to be #clicksmart, there is a #ClickSmart Challenge to test and boost your “click IQ.”

For the third year in a row, Uplogix has signed on as an NCSAM Champion. As a key component for the management of network infrastructure, we take security seriously year-round.  Our Local Management platform locks down long-time vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the management of remote sites in two main areas:

  • Maintaining secure software and configurations | Updating the software on, and configuration of, network and communications devices in the face of constantly evolving security threats
  • Securing Administrative Console Access | Ensuring appropriate and audited access and compliance with policy by the technicians, sometimes employees sometimes not, that you rely on to maintain network and communications gear
This year NCSAM will include a week focused on critical infrastructure and the Internet of Things, recognizing the importance of not only securing back-end devices, but the rapidly expanding collection of distributed devices that make up the evolving IoT.
Uplogix factors into the IoT movement with its machine-to-machine management of devices, providing the reliable, and secure, network management that will be necessary to support the growing number of distributed devices.
Visit for more on how Local Management contributes to cyber security.



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