A safety line for your centralized tools

Centralized, SNMP-based NSM solutions provide rich diagnostic, fault management and reporting information. However, the majority of these solutions are network-dependent, so when the primary network connection is down or disrupted, they lose connectivity
and visibility to devices in the field.

Uplogix solutions complement NSM solutions by providing persistent connectivity and control to managed devices while being able to back-fill information in centralized tools.

These tools would otherwise have “blanks” where they were unable to receive data from remote devices, or worse, they report information that devices are down, when they might just be unable to be accessed. The persistent connectivity and in-depth monitoring capabilities Uplogix provides can be especially useful for troubleshooting during outages when your NSM solutions may sit useless.

System alarms, events and device performance data can be forwarded to NMS systems from the Uplogix Control Center via SNMP messages that appear as if they came from the managed device itself. Additionally, syslog messages can be sent in real-time to an NMS system or Syslog server for consolidation, auditing and analysis purposes.

For more information, we have a video:

Want more details? Don’t worry, we also have a white paper!



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