It just makes sense – Local Management for regional banking

You’ve likely noticed that many of the banks you drive by every day tend to change names often. Mergers, acquisitions, consolidations… it’s a busy time in banking. Not all changes in banks just involve rebranding, often there are massive IT hardware changes and major systems that must be integrated when banks change.

While Uplogix has been in financial data centers for some time, one of the fastest growing markets for local management is in regional banking. Uplogix provides specific value in these situations when it comes to managing disparate network gear, controlling support costs for branch offices, and limiting the number of site visits from IT staff.

Different strokes for different folks
When banks come together, they bring their history of IT decisions with them. Some banks invest in the latest and greatest, while others adopt a more lean approach. The challenge of managing a more
heterogeneous network after a merger falls on the networking group.

Uplogix integrates with various network devices and server platforms by tying the device’s command line interface into the Uplogix unified CLI framework. The unified common interface not only eliminates the need for administrators to remember individual device commands, but also makes automating common management tasks simpler. Devices not currently supported with advanced drivers can be managed natively by using the device CLI.

Network support for branch offices without IT staff
Uplogix is the virtual network administrator in a box, working 24×7 to ensure that gear onsite is up and running. Local, direct access to managed devices gives Uplogix the ability to monitor intensely and take actions based on established run book procedures for a wide range of networking and communications devices.

For the corporate IT folks in the NOC, Uplogix serves as their remote eyes, ears and hands at branch offices. When there are problems, best-in-class problem diagnosis and recovery capabilities  autonomously detect and fix remote issues without having to deploy expensive resources on-site. Meanwhile management connectivity with distributed locations is maintained, even when the network is down or degraded, providing always-secure access to distributed devices.

The bottom line
In the dynamic world that is local banking, Uplogix offers a secure platform for remote management and ensures compliance with internal management policies, regardless of the state of the network. Banks can continue to merge away while counting on their IT groups to keep the networks critical to operations up and running without breaking the… well, without breaking the bank. (Come on, it was just too easy!)

For more info on how Local Management has been a sound investment in a rapidly expanding regional bank, download the case study.



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