The case for managed service providers to go local

Ensuring high availability and performance for customers with geographically distributed networks and multiple remote locations presents a number of unique management challenges for MSP staff. Since it’s not possible to be onsite everywhere, network device errors often require expensive support calls and drive missed SLAs.

Monitor AND Control Remote Networks
Local Management drastically reduces the cost and complexity of supporting highly distributed IT environments. Uplogix Local Managers (LMs) enable MSPs to remotely monitor, manage, and control network equipment on the customer’s premise—even when the network is down.

From the Uplogix Control Center, operations staff can centrally manage multiple customers’ networking, communications and other IT devices connected to Uplogix LMs via a simple, web-based interface with multi-tenant capabilities. With Uplogix, you can also give your customers the added value of secure access to their network infrastructure at all times.

Uplogix saves MSPs significant labor costs by displacing mundane daily maintenance tasks and reducing the dispatch of costly, limited IT personnel to remote customer sites. Uplogix augments existing network & systems management with a unique ability to not only alert, but to take immediate local action to remediate issues.

Uplogix in a Typical MSP Deployment
Uplogix LMs deployed at remote sites are connected over the console port to managed network devices. With a variety of out-of-band options, Uplogix ensures that you can always have local management and control. LMs at customer sites are managed from the Uplogix Control Center in the MSP NOC.

Here is a summary of the key benefits for MSPs:

  • Simplify Remote Management | The Uplogix Control Center can be configured to support and manage multiple customer environments via a multi-tenant model. MSPs can offer customers the added value of secure access their own remote sites through the Control Center.
  • Reduce support costs | Uplogix LMs work like on-site virtual IT administrators capable of anticipating/diagnosing problems and executing recovery actions in minutes or even seconds for less staff interaction and fewer tech support trips to remote locations
  • Maintain and Improve Service Levels | Uplogix LMs proactively find and fix problems before network performance is impacted. The Service Level Verification feature can monitor, measure and manage critical network and communication services including TCP/IP, web-based transactions, and voice over IP systems from each remote location where deployed to mirror, and improve, the quality of service that end users are experiencing.
  • Reduce Security Risk | Constantly enforces security policies by providing encrypted access to all managed devices, enforces authorization and authentication policies. Also audits all user interactions and configuration changes even during a network outage or service disruption.



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