Widening IT skills gap impacts business success

The non-profit IT trade association, CompTIA, recently released a study reporting that eight in ten organizations say their business operations are impacted by gaps in the skill sets of their IT staffs. The fast-pace of technology change and a lack of training resources are listed as the biggest factors contributing to the skills gap.

The majority of companies surveyed intend to devote more resources to training.

“The expected commitment to more education is an encouraging sign,” said Terry Erdle, executive vice president, skills certification, CompTIA. “IT professionals have a strong propensity for lifelong learning and skills enhancement, so the large majority will welcome the opportunity to broaden their knowledge. An investment in new IT education and training will deliver strong return on investment to the business’s bottom line.”

The key resource is time
Over 50% of respondents said that the most
popular training method is online self-study, followed by
vendor-provided training and in-person classroom training. Unless part
of the expected investment in training includes addressing the average
IT workers workload, it’s going to be tough to find time to take more
training classes.

How do you make more time? Short of inventing a time machine, you need to cut IT workload. How do you cut workload? By hiring more employees, outsourcing, or working smarter by automating tasks that don’t actually require a human IT specialist.

Here is where Uplogix can help out by automating many of the routine network management tasks that consume a majority of IT staff time — important functions that have traditionally required human intervention. Local Management brings a combination of network-independence, intelligence and integration that provides IT with the ability to reduce everything from the number of truck rolls to support remote sites, to configuration struggles due to human error or the need to individually update multiple devices, to convenient, secure out-of-band access to equipment for those times when an issue does require human attention.

With Uplogix Local Management deployed in the network handling routine issues currently sapping time from your staff, IT can be more proactive — learning the skills required to ensure your network delivers business value and innovation instead of just trying to keep the lights on.



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