Ensuring the network is as fresh as the produce

Uplogix enables a small IT team to
support a 24×7 operation where the network
is as important as the fresh food.

Retail Customer Case Study
How one of the largest independent food retailers in the United States Controls IT costs with local management

Network is critical for everything from fresh produce to store management
This Uplogix customer is recognized for its fresh food, quality products, convenient services, and a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. With annual sales of more than $16 billion, the grocer operates in 150 communities and employs more than 76,000 people.

Ranked in the top 25 for both private US companies and retailers, this modern grocery operation encompasses stores, data centers, warehouses as well as large milk and bread processing plants producing own-brand products. The chain has been recognized by its industry as a retailer of the year and a top food retailer.

Supporting a cost-conscious retail network
Uplogix Local Management provides a network-independent platform that augments the grocer’s centralized management tools to reduce operational costs, improve both daily management tasks as well as break-fix  incidents, and increase security and compliance.

Reducing network costs in an industry with razor-thin margins

With Uplogix in their datacenter and part of the standard network installation at every new store, the IT staff has the benefit of local management when their dashboards are green, and red. Features for reliable automated devices upgrades and config changes increase efficiency and reduce the number of errors, while detailed local config change logging ensures accountability in a 24×7 environment.

Supporting a regional operation with a small IT staff
The combination of intensive local monitoring and secure out-of-band access to managed devices ensures that when there are network issues that are beyond Uplogix’ automated actions, IT knows about the issue and can take actions before having to roll a truck.

The value of local management in a double-redundant network
The network is so critical to operations that stores have redundant T1 connections backed up by a satellite link. Uplogix plays a key role in networks like this because monitoring the additional devices required for  redundancy decreases the risk of configuration problems. Plus, Uplogix can automatically test heterogenous  backup systems on a regular basis to ensure they are ready if, and when, needed.

Ensuring millions go home happy
A retail operation with hundreds of stores and critical uptime requirements really sees the benefits of Uplogix in increased performance, availability and security with lower operational expenses. For more information, please go to www.uplogix.com/retail.



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