Cobham SATCOM and Uplogix expand maritime VSAT automation

Cobham SATCOM’s Sea Tel Products recently announced that they would begin reselling Uplogix products in addition to their line of industry-leading maritime VSAT antennas. With more than 20,000 antennas deployed in commercial shipping, oil & gas platforms, cruise ships and super yachts, Sea Tel has the reach to make a significant impact on the status quo of VSAT operations with Uplogix network automation.

There are several features that Uplogix brings to maritime VSAT deployments that will be featured on this blog in the ongoing series, Uplogix Automation for Maritime VSAT, including:

  • Blockage zone prediction and alerting
  • VSAT migration error and recovery
  • Remote access to onsite troubleshooting applications
  • Recovering from config and option file errors
  • Getting the best out-of-band signal from a remote installation

In addition to a list of features designed around maritime needs, Uplogix deployed at sea brings additional value. Today’s vessels have much in common with branch offices on land — shipboard networks are complete with traditional IP devices like routers, switches, firewalls and servers that are critical to daily operations. Uplogix appliances connect locally to these devices and provide automation and secure access for increased uptime while avoiding what can be significant costs for IT support at sea. For example, sending a network engineer out to a drilling platform isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s expensive and can be dangerous.

Watch an example of Uplogix at work in a drilling platform network:

The bottom line for the partnership with Cobham SATCOM and Uplogix is that operators will have easier installation, fewer SLA violations and service credits, and reduced operational costs. For the users of broadband connectivity at sea, it means better service with fewer disruptions.



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