Boost the IQ of your console servers

Uplogix Local Managers are hands-down the smartest console servers on the market. They go beyond the out-of-band access provided by a traditional console server to deliver a secure platform for network management automation. Did you know that you can apply the same intelligence to your existing console server installation? The Uplogix Local Management Software can [...]

MTN deploys virtual Local Management

Uplogix has begun deploying this month as a VM running on a server to manage satellite-linked networks at sea for MTN. These Virtual Local Managers utilize VMware to run the Uplogix software and connect to devices using USB to Serial adapters plugged into the server itself by USB and the managed devices over serial. An [...]

Celebrating 2011: Looking back, looking ahead

As 2011 closes, the long drought in Uplogix' hometown of Austin, TX has subsided enough to lower the burn ban, enabling us to celebrate with this photo!  It's hard not to look back at the end of a year, and for Uplogix, 2011 has been an eventful year. Some say that time in small companies [...]

Deploying local management in your network virtually

All Uplogix custom solutions are based on the patented Local Management Software (LMS), originally developed for use on specialized Uplogix hardware (Uplogix Local Managers). Uplogix LMS is now available, in its entirety, packaged as a virtual machine. Virtual Local Managers of all kinds can be mixed and matched in the same deployment with Uplogix Local [...]