Meet the Fifth Generation Hardware for Out-of-Band Management​

The new Uplogix LM83X and LM80 platforms deliver faster processing, greater storage, and more connectivity options for out-of-band management and network automation.

Both platforms utilize 1.2 GHz Quad Core Arm Cortex-A72 64-bit processors for faster response and automation. Roughly four times faster than previous Uplogix hardware, the new platforms can run rules and rulesets more efficiently. The WAN Traffic Failover feature takes advantage of the greater processing power to operate faster.

The increasing size of configuration and OS files on network infrastructure devices drove the expansion of storage on the Uplogix platform. The new devices feature 256GB Opal 1.2 NVMe drives capable of 256-bit AES compliant data encryption in FIPS 140 mode. Faster than previous SATA SSD storage, the NVMe drives will speed up the process of reading and writing local copies of config and OS files.

Uplogix LM83X

The LM83X is a single rack unit modular platform designed to act independently from the network to remotely monitor, manage and control up to 56 devices. Expansion modules available for the LM83X parallel the Uplogix 5000, with 8-port and 16-port Serial Console cards; an 8-port Ethernet card; and the new LCD Keypad card.

With the functionality for two 8-port Ethernet Expansion Modules, the LM83X has twice the capacity for dedicated Ethernet connections as the Uplogix 5000.

Uplogix LM80

The LM80 is a single rack unit, half-width platform also designed to act independently from the network to remotely monitor, manage, and control up to eight devices.

Both the LM83X, LM80, and the Uplogix Control Center (UCC) run the latest version of Uplogix software, v6.0. The UCC provides a single point of management for all Uplogix Local Managers and connected devices they are managing throughout a distributed IT environment. The UCC backs-up config, OS and log files stored locally on the LM83X and LM80 and serves as the interface for creating user and product groups. Standard and custom rules, rule sets, and actions can be configured in the UCC for automation of network management tasks without the need for one-off scripts that can be difficult to secure and maintain in an enterprise network.

Like preceding Uplogix hardware, the new gear will support up to 16 virtual serial ports. Virtual ports mimic the functionality of the physical serial interfaces for situations where the distance between the Local Manager and the managed device is too far for a RS-232 serial connection, to manage devices already connected to a console server, to manage devices with IP connectivity but no serial connectivity, or to manage devices using a virtual Local Manager running on a VMware ESXi server.

Both new hardware platforms support the same options for out-of-band connections including CAT-4 and CAT-M1 LTE cellular, fiber, v.92 POTS line, and the Iridium satellite network over RS-232.  

The two new custom-designed devices are built in Austin, Texas and are registered with NIST for FIPS 140-2 certification.

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