Cost of downtime is a personal question

Your cost of downtime depends on your business, but you should know it.

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Everyone has one, but it’s still not an easy subject for most people. We’re talking about the cost of downtime in their network. It’s not an easy calculation if you want to be accurate, but one would be hard pressed to find anyone that says network downtime today is LESS expensive than in the past.

Reliance on cloud and SAAS for core business functions have taken the value of the network far beyond the old days of email being the primary loss during an outage. Gartner’s latest estimates put the average cost of downtime at $5,600 per minute. They admit that an average isn’t a very useful figure (beyond scaring everyone) and, depending on the business could range from $140,000 per hour to $540,000 on the high end with about $300k being the average.

Hold on, the breakdown continues: 98% of organizations responded that their costs were over $100k. 81% said it’s over $300k and hour, and of those a third said the cost of downtime, just one hour, ranges from $1-5 million.

If this downtime impacts a sales function, there are additional costs of potential lost sales and standing with customers.

There is a human toll also. A study by UC Irvine found for an office worker, an interruption like a coworker poking their head into the office to say that the network is down causes a break in concentration that will take an average of 23 minutes to refocus and regain the previous level of attention. It’s not just network updates that interrupt a day in the office. The Washington Post reported interruptions consume, on average, 238 minutes a day, and the recovery time from those interruptions to be another 84 minutes a day. Fatigue and stress in the office? Another 50 minutes a day.

This adds up to a whopping 6.2 hours per day or 31 hours a week of lost functionality. Hard to believe anything gets done.

Uplogix can’t keep your coworker from popping into your office talk about last night’s game, but we can help with the cost of downtime when it comes to your network. Uplogix lowers downtime through extensive monitoring of network infrastructure from a local perspective. By increasing the frequency and depth of device monitoring and removing the barrier of taxing the network by doing the work locally, Uplogix is able to more efficiently and effectively manage the network.

When there is an issue, Uplogix is positioned to notify the NOC with specifics on the issue and can take automated recovery steps to solve the issue. If the network goes down due to misconfiguration or other unforeseen circumstances, Uplogix is in the rack at the disconnected remote location and can automatically dial out an integrated external modem to re-establish an alternate, out-of-band network connection to ensure constant management connectivity and availability.

Whatever your cost of downtime, it’s important that you have an idea of what it is as you weigh the risks of doing nothing, or taking advantage of a solution like Uplogix. Everyone’s cost of downtime is different, but they are all high, which make the cost of doing nothing even more expensive.




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