Uplogix customers transform maritime communications

Maritime communications have to deal with stormy seas.

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Uplogix customers BlueTide Communications and Orange Business Services announced a new partnership to transform maritime communications with a suite of services over Ku-band VSAT. The global services network will deliver communications, navigation and asset management services.

Orange brings the managed Ku-band capacity with the ability to switch between satellite beams for seamless global coverage. BlueTide provides both traditional maritime services like navigation and communications as well as “remote office” applications like video, cybersecurity and asset management. Corporate applications and monitoring ensure that no vessel is out-of-touch when they are at sea.

Uplogix is no stranger to maritime communications deploying around the world in both sea-based energy and shipping environments. When it comes to remote network management, maritime is about as remote as you can get without leaving the planet.

Deploying with confidence and supporting existing locations with fewer site visits is why Uplogix is a key part of maritime communications:

  • Secure and persistent out-of-band access to remote devices | When the network is up and running, admins access devices through Uplogix over the network. If that connection is broken or not yet established, an out-of-band connection is established providing a two-way, secure management link independent of the primary network.
  • Automated device control and recovery | Uplogix monitors devices 24×7 over the console port and takes recovery steps when issues are detected.


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Uplogix LEO-I Kit:
Integrated Iridium Antenna and Modem

Uplogix utilizes the reliability of the Iridium system of low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites to provide out-of-band (OOB) connectivity to remote networks. With Iridium’s coverage of the entire Earth, including oceans and the poles, Uplogix can deploy anywhere, providing constant connectivity and the power of the most trusted IT admin everywhere, all the time.

To ensure the best Iridium signal for OOB, Uplogix developed the Uplogix LEO-I kit. The LEO kit makes it possible to place an Iridium antenna and modem at an optimal location for a clean, strong signal – up to 500 feet from the networking gear and Uplogix LM that it is supporting.

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