Healthcare network management to grow

Healthcare network management is becoming part of delivering quality care

The market for healthcare network management software for IT is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6 percent. Organizations are looking to deliver value-based care in part through better IT networks that deliver needed services at lower costs.

The IT industry as a whole is experiencing growth in virtualized infrastructure which requires expanded network monitoring and management solutions. Device monitoring for connectivity and permissions is growing with the increase in applications and network interfaces of virtualized solutions. Network performance monitoring and remediation is critical as fewer tasks are completed locally, and healthcare operations at all levels rely on the network.

Some high-profile security events in healthcare networks highlight the importance of adhering to HIPAA standards at all levels.

Expanding healthcare practice at Uplogix

The last couple of years have seen growth in the number of healthcare customers at Uplogix. From large university-based hospital systems to rural healthcare clinics, healthcare network management teams are turning to Uplogix for several key features including:

  • Remote Access | High-speed cellular modems provide reliable out-of-band access to gear when the network is down or degraded saving truck rolls, time and effort. Whether the network spans floors of a building or a collection of community clinics, healthcare network management teams don’t have time to waste on travel.
  • Central Management| From the NOC, network managers use the Uplogix Control Center to easily manage their entire deployment. With the graphical interface, it’s easy to view status of remote sites as well as drill down to specific devices.
  • Logging & Rollback | The ability of Uplogix to track all changes and rollback failed configurations ensures that changes are accurate and when things go wrong, impact is minimal. Keeping up with security patches is critical, which means more opportunities for error.

Uplogix helps IT teams ensure that providers can focus on the patient, not the network while reducing support costs through reliable secure automation and continuous monitoring.



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