DDOS attacks growing at a faster rate

DDOS attacks are getting bigger and more disruptive

DDOS attacks are the most common threat for enterprise, government and educational IT networks, according to an Arbor Networks security report, and to make matters worse, the attacks are getting bigger.  Distributed denial of service attack size grew at a compound annual growth rate of 44 percent from 2005 until 2011. Since then, the rate has risen to 68 percent.

Two factors drive the massive growth in attack size. First, there has been an expansion of botnets into compromised IoT devices and home routers rather than just computers. Second, an increased use of “reflection amplification” which leverages internet infrastructure like the domain name system or network time protocol to multiply attack traffic by hundreds of times with the added bonus of hiding the original source.

DDOS attacks aren’t limited to just internet traffic overwhelming web-facing servers. In state-exhaustion or protocol attacks, other parts of network infrastructure can be targeted like the application layer or connection state tables in firewalls, web application servers or other infrastructure components.

This is not an adequate plan:

Uplogix value during DDOS attacks

Responses to DDOS attacks tend to be reactive. Uplogix can operate independently of the network over its dedicated out-of-band connection while providing continuous monitoring for quick alerting when there are issues. The secure out-of-band access ensures access even when the primary network is down or degraded.

Uplogix can push configurations for a “safe mode” to network devices, limiting functionality to effectively quarantine sections of your network. With Uplogix you can push a config to one device, or thousands deployed across your network.

Finally, if it has really hit the fan, Uplogix can act as a backup cellular router by sharing its out-of-band LTE connection, providing a reliable failover network to keep critical traffic moving.

For more about how Uplogix fits into your blueprint for cyberattacks, check out the Network Restoration Blueprint infographic.



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