Remote access to my network, Scotty!

Beam me up - kind of like remote access from Uplogix

Fifty years ago, the premier of the iconic sci-fi franchise Star Trek went boldly were no man has gone before. Today, Uplogix boldly delivers remote access so that no man (or woman!) has to go on truck rolls again. Well, maybe not ever again, but we can pretty boldly manage network infrastructure with a combination of remote access and reliable automation. Here a few other loose comparisons:

Beam me up, Scotty (Remote Access)

There is no remote access like the transporter that could take you from orbit to a planet’s surface in a brief moment of static. If only it was that easy. Uplogix comes pretty close with our options for remote access to network gear. Using just about any connection — it could be a POTS line, a cell modem, a separate network connection, or even an Iridium modem (this lets you get anywhere on the surface of Planet Earth) — you can get to your gear through an Uplogix Local Manager.

He’s dead, Jim (Bare Metal Restore)

It’s a fact of life, unnamed red-shirted crew members die from time to time. The same is true for network gear. When this happens, Uplogix can make getting up and running again easier. With device configurations saved locally, all you need is another nameless redshirt to cable up a replacement device and turn it on. Uplogix will recognize the device and load the previous configuration on it, getting it up and running without having to send your smartest crew member out to bring up the device.

Logic is the beginning of wisdom… not the end (Run book automation)

Spock was always the logical one. Network IT folks? Not always. They are more like Kirk, taking risks to get the job done and using shortcuts nobody else knows about, consequences be damned. At least sometimes. With Uplogix taking care of the first few pages of your run book by identifying, isolating and solving network problems before you even know there is a problem, you can channel your inner Kirk to focus on the tough challenges in your network.




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