Local Management Software v5.3 Available

Uplogix Local Management Software v5.3 release now available

The latest version of the Uplogix Local Management Software (LMS) is now available. At Uplogix we don’t name our releases after candy or big cats; we just give them a nice wholesome number. Not a whole number, there are decimals, but you get the point. LMS v5.3 brings new functionality designed to improve visibility of large deployments of Uplogix; one-click exporting of user session logs, configuration files, managed device debug and POST logs; and a new LTE modem certified for European and Australian markets.

Easier management of your enterprise-wide Uplogix deployment

The Uplogix Control Center (UCC) delivers real-time monitoring and management capabilities, offering a unified view of what’s occurring in your distributed infrastructure. As an element manager for Uplogix Local Managers (LMs), the Control Center also serves as the gateway between the Local Managers in the network and existing IT management systems.

LMS v5.3 adds a new Deployment overview that shows all physical and virtual Local Managers along with important device information that can be sorted and filtered. It’s easy to click-through to specific devices directly from the Deployment page, giving you immediate access to an LM needing attention.

Saving configurations and session logs

From initial provisioning and routine updates to bare-metal restores, Uplogix makes configuration management faster, safer and more automated. With the ability to store 20 configuration versions and 6 OS versions per managed device locally on the Uplogix LM, LMS v5.3 makes it easier to export this information and more with a single click.

User session logs are a complete log of everything a user does when logged into a LM or passing through it to manage a connected device – this information is accessed in the ‘Session Logs’ section of the LM summary page in the UCC. In addition to being viewable for auditing purposes, session logs can now be exported as well.

Users can also now export a running configuration, a startup configuration, and the output of the ‘show tech’ command or the Power On Self Test (POST) log for the case where these artifacts are available on the LM ports.

Expanded LTE coverage

The addition of a new LTE cellular modem certified for the European, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand markets expands the footprint of Uplogix’ high speed out-of-band. Deployed in the option slot of an Uplogix 5000 or Uplogix 500, the new modem can be used for WAN Traffic Failover — effectively using the out-of-band link to move local traffic destined for the WAN. Uplogix can act as a backup cellular router by sharing the out-of-band cellular LTE connection with the local router to keep traffic moving in the event of a loss of WAN connectivity.

Stronger Cisco management

Additional improvements included in the LMS v5.3 release include enhancements for Cisco IOS, IOS-XE and NX-OS devices and for MRV LX series switched power controllers.

The v5.3 software will ship on all new Local Managers and the Uplogix Control Center. For more information and customers wishing to upgrade, visit Uplogix support at uplogix.com/support.



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