Network slowdowns top IT issues

IT groups in large companies still consider network outages and slowdowns as their greatest headaches. In a recent survey of over 400 IT managers in companies with 1,000 or more employees, just under half listed network issues as their most common unexpected issue.

The most common day-to-day issues included application performance problems (37%), availability issues (37%), equipment failures (36%) and unexpected change requests (34%). This doesn’t sound like a golden age of IT. Especially considering that on average, IT managers have eight unexpected issues a week requiring effort from seven staff members.

What about the cloud? 63% of those polled reported cloud outages, with about two-thirds saying those outages were preventable.
A ray of hope here could be the application of local management. Bringing reliable network monitoring and automation into the network stack with local monitoring and quick responses when there are issues can cure many IT headaches. Add to this a management out-of-band connection that dials-out when there are issues to feed dashboard systems in the NOC with a clear picture of what’s happening as well as a path for experts to access the gear without a site visit. 
And what about those slowdowns? The trick is knowing exactly where the problem is happening. The service level verification (SLV) features Uplogix provides are different because they measure network performance from the same viewpoint as network users. No more he said/she said when it comes to that age-old IT headache-inducing call: “the Internet is slow!”
Take a look at how SLV works:



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