Better security through config management

Gartner says that the average firm makes 10,000 changes annually to its IT environment. It’s no wonder change management can make or break your network. Literally. Security patches, interdependencies among various components of your network, and the

ability to recover from a disaster are driving factors to companies attempting to create a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). An effective CMDB is easier said than done, with an estimated 85 percent of companies that attempt to maintain one failing.

Uplogix configuration and change management features make it easy and safe to apply changes and updates to address new threats to cybersecurity immediately as they become known. Uplogix helps with configuration management on several fronts:

  • Automatically and remotely push configuration changes and upgrades without the risk that the changes could result in network outages. Out-of-band automated SurgicalRollback™ restores valid configurations instantly and automatically, plus highlights issues when problems occur.
  • Automate common, but complex, and therefore error-prone configuration tasks reducing error, for example, you can securely update the access passwords on hundreds of managed devices in a single action
  • Decrease the administrative complexity created by heterogeneous network infrastructures by providing a single consistent management interface

Securing the network is an on-going battle that can never ultimately be won as new forms of attack are being developed and new vulnerabilities discovered every day in even the best software. For example in 2013 Cisco alone issued 42 Security Advisories typically recommending configuration changes or software patches.

For more information, watch this Uplogix TechTip on Mass  Config/OS Updates and learn how to keep your infrastructure up to date.



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