Local Management enables global entertainment

Uplogix Customer Case Study: E! Entertainment Television

Uplogix Local Management provides a network-independent platform that E!’s California-based IT staff uses to manage a network of global broadcast centers. Remote management of the broadcast centers is through Uplogix Local Managers that are directly connected to critical network infrastructure and installed with DSL out-of-band connections. Combining the out-of-band with automated features for monitoring and recovery, E! staff manages the remote sites 24×7.

Monitoring the network with the tenacity of a paparatzziUplogix gathers much more granular diagnostic data more frequently than SNMPbased systems without affecting the performance of the devices or the network. Analyzing this data, Uplogix can then either automatically resolve issues based on preapproved guidelines, or communicate the problem back to E!’s IT staff for resolution.

Remote access gives IT staff a (secure) backstage passUplogix Local Managers are collocated and directly connected to devices and servers to deliver persistent connectivity—regardless of the state of the network or device. Should the network go down, the LM immediately establishes remote connectivity to the E! network team via a secure out-of-band path over DSL.

Automation saves time, enables remote managementWith best-in-class problem diagnosis and recovery capabilities, Uplogix autonomously detects and fixes issues without having to deploy expensive resources onsite. Local Management enables E! to execute routine remote maintenance tasks like patch upgrades and configuration changes consistently and confidently.

For more, see the full case study in the Resource Center on the Uplogix website.



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