A safety line for your centralized tools

Centralized, SNMP-based NSM solutions provide rich diagnostic, fault management and reporting information. However, the majority of these solutions are network-dependent, so when the primary network connection is down or disrupted, they lose connectivity and visibility to devices in the field. Uplogix solutions complement NSM solutions by providing persistent connectivity and control to managed devices while [...]

That’s our point, entirely

Incremental improvements to traditional network monitoring tools would really be like putting lipstick on a pig - you would still have a flawed solution.  A recent article on The Register entitled "What's wrong with network monitoring tools? Where do I start..." was all about incremental improvements to traditional network management methods. These improvements just point out [...]

Experts predict federal IT staff reductions next year

Belts are going to tighten in Federal IT, making Cloud,data center consolidation and network automationeven more important. A recent article in the Federal Times says that federal IT staff sizes will likely go down next year due to continued pressure from sequestration cuts, ongoing migration of federal IT infrastructure to the cloud, and program consolidation [...]

Shining a light on the dark corners of your network

Being able to effectively monitor your entire distributed infrastructure and the performance that it is providing to end users is critical, and is what all network management systems are designed to do. However, not all are equally adept.You wouldn't use a street light down the road to read a magazine at your house -- they [...]

Minimizing data gaps when troubleshooting network devices

Traditional NOC-based network management uses SNMP polling over the network to send requests for device information. This traffic slows down both the network and the devices, so the goal is to minimize the polling by extending the time periods in between requests. Depending on importance of the site, traffic volume and other factors, the time [...]