Exploring Cellular Out-of-Band

Uplogix has been a leader in cellular out-of-band management systems for over a decade.

When it comes to running out-of-band over cellular, we’ve literally been there and done that — experiences that have led us to know the challenges and pitfalls of deploying and running cellular out-of-band. The resources below explore what cellular out-of-band management can do for your network.


Whitepaper | Cellular Strategies for Securely Connecting Out-of-Band

This document explores the most common strategies for creating robust out-of-band connections including:

  • Private APN (may peer directly with corporate network via service provider)
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Reverse SSH Tunnel
  • Publicly Routable IP Address

Webinar | 4 Things You Should Know When Considering a Cellular Out-of-Band Solution

In this webinar, network engineers and architects will learn four critical considerations for deploying an effective cellular out-of-band management solution.

Technical Brief | Picking a cellular modem for out-of-band access

Uplogix offers multiple modem options for out-of-band over cellular. All Uplogix cellular modems are modular cards, allowing you to choose the out-of-band option type for each deployment. Here are some considerations for choosing your cellular options.


Case Study |  Cellular Out-of-Band… Even In West Texas

One of our sales execs was recently pitching a wind energy company and mentioned cellular out-of-band as an option. The quick answer was that their wind fields were likely too remote for a decent signal. That sounded like a challenge to the team here at Uplogix, always looking for a problem to solve with out-of-band management…

Questions on Cellular
Out-of-band Management?

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