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Cellular Strategies for Securely Connecting Local Managers to the Control Center While Out-of-Band


A key feature of the Uplogix Local Manager is its ability to spin up an out-of-band connection when the primary in-band network connection fails. When using a cellular modem, a Local Manager can take advantage of high-speed LTE data transfer and compatibility with multiple carriers. In the design phase of an Uplogix deployment, considerations must be made for how the Local Manager(s) will communicate with the Uplogix Control Center once the out-of-band connection is established.

This document explores the most common strategies for creating robust out-of-band connections, to include:

  • Private APN (may peer directly with corporate network via service provider)
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Reverse SSH Tunnel
  • Publicly Routable IP Address

Also included is a discussion of network placement options for the Uplogix Control Center. The primary goal is to allow inbound communication to the Control Center, so the out-of-band strategy will ultimately depend on where the Control Center
lives in your network.

Download the Uplogix Whitepaper.



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