Episode 2 | Port Forwarding for Secure Server Access with Adam ft. 512 Porter

Episode 2 | Austin Beers and Network Gear In this series, hear a little about an Austin, Texas brewed beer as well as learn a little about Uplogix Out-of-Band Management. Today Uplogix Sales Engineer Adam Thompson shows how to use port forwarding to securely access server baseboard management over an out-of-band connection. https://youtu.be/ErCtGJGC8bo

Episode 1 | In-Band vs. Out-of-Band with James ft. Celis White Witbier

2 Minute Intro to Uplogix | Going Beyond Out-of-Band: Uplogix is designed for the challenges of remotely managing enterprise network infrastructure while reducing cost, complexity, and downtime. We go Beyond Out-of-Band providing network Independence for automated management actions with secure remote access. Complex networking tasks are simplified in an easy-to-use platform with US-based technical support. [...]