Uplogix RMOS v4.1 Release Expands Satellite Antenna Control

Advanced driver support for Sea Tel means greater automation of networks at sea

Austin, Texas (September 9, 2009) – Uplogix, the leading provider of automated remote management solutions, today announced the availability of its Uplogix Remote Management Operating System (RMOS) v4.1 software platform. RMOS powers Uplogix appliances to automate the management and recovery of network devices, reducing the cost and risk of remote network infrastructure. The new version features expanded support for Sea Tel marine stabilized satellite antennas, in addition to enhanced automation support for third-party software and hardware. 

New advanced driver support for Sea Tel provides the ability for operators to interact with the Sea Tel Digital Antenna Controller (DAC) via command line through the Uplogix appliance. Uplogix collects key variables from the antenna including heading, azimuth, elevation, antenna gain control, latitude, longitude and more for monitoring and alarming.  Additionally, the advanced driver translates two byte words into readable format and decodes error status for easier use.  In the event of a network outage, the appliance connects to the network operations center via an out-of-band connection over low earth orbit satellite (i.e. Iridium), ensuring management control and recovery of the DAC. 

“Uplogix support for the Sea Tel DAC means that we’ll not only have continuous automated device management of satellite and networking equipment at sea, but also that we’ll be able to connect to that equipment no matter where it sails,” said Michael Guidroz, President of Data Technology Solutions. 

Also included in the RMOS v4.1 release is a new capability for device access. SSH Serial port redirection enables the secure forwarding of a serial connection from a managed device through an Uplogix appliance. This secure link enables various third-party software written to use telnet or local COM ports to interact with devices as if they were directly connected. One example is the Sea Tel DAC Remote Panel (DACRemP), a graphical monitoring and troubleshooting program.  It draws data from a serial connection on the Sea Tel DAC forwarded through the Uplogix appliance, inheriting the security and out-of-band benefits that form the foundation of Uplogix Automated Remote Management (ARM). 

“Working with people that have a passion for high quality has exposed service issues and costs that our industry has had to absorb in the past,” said Mark Piening, VP of Product Management and Marketing, Uplogix.  “It’s fulfilling to see our customers and partners now enjoy the savings and satisfaction of having continuous control of their remote networks.”

Utilizing the remote control capabilities of Uplogix appliances running RMOS, enterprises across a wide variety of industries have been able to dramatically reduce the cost, complexity and risk of managing their distributed IT infrastructures, and improved service levels in the process. RMOS increases network and system availability by directing Uplogix appliances to remotely automate hundreds of routine system maintenance, configuration, fault diagnosis and recovery operations. RMOS is available in both Standard and Advanced versions.

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