Uplogix Partnership with Sematron UK Delivers Secure Remote Management to Satellite and Fixed Network Customers

UK leader in equipping satellite ground stations for the broadcast, energy, defence and telecom sectors partners with Uplogix to deliver complete remote management solution to world class client base

London, UK – October 8, 2008 – Uplogix, the leading provider of secure remote management (SRM) solutions, today announced a new partnership with Sematron, a major European supplier of Satellite, RF, microwave and digital technology, to strengthen Sematron’s technology portfolio and help deliver a complete remote management solution to its clients within the broadcast, energy, defence and telecom sectors.

“The world’s most mission critical remote infrastructures are in oil and gas, the military and telecom – these are key verticals where Uplogix has customers who depend on Secure Remote Management (SRM) technology to address management gaps that software and people alone are too expensive or simply unable to address,” said Mark Piening, VP of marketing and product management, Uplogix. 

“Strengthening our relationships with system integrators is a key part of our strategy, and Sematron’s strong reputation within these segments — and especially within the area of satellite technology — coupled with our proven compatibility across a wide range of communication equipment makes this partnership a particularly good fit.”

Sematron is the largest distributor of satellite ground station equipment in the UK. With over 20 year’s experience within the industry, Sematron has built a portfolio of major international clients including the UK Ministry of Defence, Cable and Wireless and the BBC.

“Even with the growth of broadband and high-speed international networks, the satellite market is still buoyant and growing at around 30% a year globally,” comments John O’Brien, managing director, Sematron. “For many of our clients, satellite-based communications is already attractive and necessary due to its combination of reliability, security and geographic coverage.  With this investment there is an increasing need to ensure that the associated networking and IT equipment at these mission-critical remote sites have Uplogix in place to deliver a similar standard of excellence in management access, control and policy enforcement as traditional terrestrial networks.“

Sematron is also currently expanding its offering into more conventional fixed networks infrastructure. “Many of our clients who have traditionally turned to us for satellite expertise, are keen to work with a single provider across the entire network path and our fixed network business has grown rapidly over the last few years. By partnering with Uplogix, a clear leader in the secure remote management space, this will broaden our portfolio reach and provides us with a rounded solution to help our clients improve reliability and reduce operational costs associated with managing heterogeneous remote sites,” O’Brien adds.

Uplogix has pioneered the industry’s first SRM appliance that integrates critical Access, Control and Enforcement (ACE) remote management functions to alleviate the risk, complexity and costs inherent in managing distributed IT infrastructures such as branch offices and remote datacentres. Winner of the Techworld Network Management Product of the Year for 2008, the architecture integrates an always-available, secure and intelligent direct connection to the remote devices it manages that significantly reduces labour costs and allows IT professionals to focus on more critical responsibilities.

Uplogix appliances can communicate via the production IP network or across a variety of transportation layers depending on availability which can include satellite, ISDN, PSTN, and Wireless.  Uplogix products are immediately available via Sematron UK. 

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